Religion: The Cause of Bullying At School

Children don’t like black sheep in their society, and if you are different in some ways, then you can be bullied. It can be connected with appearance, the level of intelligence, personal qualities, style of clothes, or even religion, and it is especially true if you are a representative of an uncommon system of beliefs. Thus, Muslim girls who put on hijabs often become one of the targets just because their image demonstrates their faith. However, this phenomenon doesn’t spread only on Eastern religions or other minorities, so every kid can be bullied due to the fact that their religion differs in some way from the rest. In the USA, according to statistics, religious bullying enters the top 5 main root causes of bullying at school. Since the tragedy of September 11, Muslim kids have been subjected to bullying even more often because their religion is associated with terrorism.

The consequences of religious bullying

Children can be very cruel, especially when they are led by an opinion leader. Usually, the latter can easily force someone to do what they want, for example, they can say, “Do my science homework for me.” And the kid who has been chosen as a target for bullying can face huge emotional pressure and even physical abuse. Such experience doesn’t go unnoticed, and it leaves a big impact on the spiritual development of the victim as well as their self-esteem and life perception in general. Nonetheless, nobody should ever feel like they deserve to face such treatment just because they have a different religion, skin color, or hobbies.

How to deal with religious bullying in an educational institution

This issue has gained momentum for the last few years, especially in the USA where the representatives of different religious groups attend the same school. Of course, teachers and school authorities should do their best to create a safe zone for all kids without exception, as well as they should nip any signs of bullying in the bud. And instead of waging wars with children who may use assignments writing help, they should focus their attention on more serious issues.

1. Deal with religious beliefs

There are many misconceptions and misbeliefs about different religions. Sometimes kids’ misunderstanding of certain things leads to bullying. Thus, you should deal with them at the initial level. It is necessary to discuss all the differences between religions without skipping any information, and the chances are high that teens will increase their level of acceptance and tolerance.

2. Teachers should know how to cope with religious bullying

If staff members turn blind eye to red flags and obvious signs of bullying, you will never be able to get rid of this phenomenon. Thus, teachers should have a deeper understanding of numerous religions and be prepared to solve such situations. So, they can deal with misconceptions and nip the bullying in the bud. However, they pay much attention to minor misconducts of students like, for example, using such services as and don’t notice really serious problems that occur within school.

3. Involve parents

If you want to prevent the appearance of such a phenomenon, you should reduce the number of misconceptions. Thus, you can involve the whole community, having developed social programs that will attract and involve both kids and their parents. You will create an atmosphere conducive to the peaceful coexistence of different nations and religions within one educational institution. No parent wants their kid to face religious bullying, so most parents are likely to actively participate in taking preventive measures and eliminating the likelihood of bullying occurrence.