Photojournalism in the Age of New Media

Photojournalism in the Age of New Media In “Photojournalism in the Age of New Media” by Jared Keller explains that social network had played an important part or role to photojournalists to change their actions toward famous people as well as crowded zones. For an example by watching and monitoring the person interactions or behavior with other people. Photojournalism is new type of journalism by publishing a story or covering crucial case and sharing it through social media network and making from a small incident to a huge problem and let everybody to talk about it. In my opinion there are several benefits of social network to photojournalists. One the benefits that is said from the article “Photojournalism in the Age of New Media” by Jared Keller describes that photojournalism have some good advantages such as it will let the people know what is happening in the community and how they will interact with journalists actions towards these circumstances. Including he explained the certain ways of how journalist are getting news and important information through twitter as well as using recent technology devices. Unlike in the past when a rumor is spread they share it in different type of sources like they share rumor between the people so it becomes a big case. So this the first benefit of having photojournalists in your community. The second advantage of photojournalism it can help police or the government to figure out the news or information quickly if something serious happens in the country. For example through the trends in twitter or when person takes a picture of a place this can be a good source for them to not be late to get the information. So this the second type of advantage that can be an effective for both the government and police.
This brings me to the conclusion, the last part of my essay as I discussed the positives and benefits of freelancer photographer broadcasting an curious occasion and how it can be a good thing for the society. In my opinion, I think photojournalists can be a helpful tool for the government because they can identify if the new is fake or real, as well as it can help them on other ways as I said in the previous paragraph by identifying the information quickly. I predict there will be a more photojournalists in the future because they are helping the society in many ways.